Meditation coaching

Have you ever wondered if meditation might assist you?

Or in fact how you would even fit meditation in to your already very busy schedule?

Do you suffer from Worry and Anxiety? Negative thinking? Sleep Problems? Headaches? Back pain? Fibromyalgia? Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  

If you suffer from any of these or related problems Meditation Coaching may give you the tools you have been looking for to achieve vibrant health.

Mindfulness Meditation, Natural Health Newcastle

In the Coaching sessions you will learn:

Why would I be a good coach for you?

I have meditated for over 40 years. I took it up at a very busy time in my life. I immediately found it useful in settling my restlessness and impatience. Over the years it has helped me in many ways, especially while I was managing the effects of painful surgeries. Meditation can subtly and deeply benefit us in all aspects of life. I am now teaching this to others.

As many people have requested a variety of different meditation courses and times I am now offering the following restructuring of meditation coaching. This is to allow the sessions to be

How it will be structured is as follows:


You decide on the Thursday/Friday starting date and time that most suits you.

The Mindfulness Meditation Courses generally run for four to five sessions. However you can begin with one or two sessions and go from there.

The Meditation for Pain Relief Courses generally run for two sessions. However, some prefer to come for longer than that as they find it supportive to be with a teacher plus learn more techniques.

You do the meditation sessions at the pace you prefer. Some prefer weekly, others fortnightly or three-weekly. Sessions are available face to face for the individual or for two people, but for larger groups, are only available as on-line courses due to  Covid and social distancing requirements. See below for further information on this.

Each session will be for 45 minutes

Empowering private individualised courses- $50 per session


If you wish to book for five sessions, these will be offered at a 10% discount. This makes them available for $225 instead of $250.


For those who have completed a Mindfulness Meditation course with me previously and would now like one-to-one follow-up guidance sessions as an occasional one-off once, per fortnight or month, these will be $50 per session. 

Mindfulness Meditation Courses

Welcome to these meditation courses which are intended to be an introduction to meditation for those who are beginners, a refresher for those who have meditated before and a space in the week to come and meditate with others or just with Sylvia if you are doing the course on your own.

Here at the East West Health Centre, you can enjoy the benefits of learning mindfulness-based meditation with Sylvia Reitsma in a small group or on your own.The courses offers clear guidance for developing a personal meditation practice.

The format of the Courses

The Mindfulness Meditation program runs over four to five sessions. During that time, meditation techniques will progress so that different and deeper levels of meditation will be possible. The Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief runs for two sessions.

The course guides the meditator through different mindfulness practices providing time-proven tools for handling stress, for easing body pain or discomfort, for stress management, to improve sleep, to improve general health and for living life with the richness of being present. The course will guide students to easily include meditation into even their busiest days, and how to set up a meditation routine that suits them.

By allowing each person to move at their own pace, the courses will be suitable for those new to meditation as well as those with more experience.

Regular meditation practice promotes balance, stability and health so that even in time of great upheaval, pain, procrastination, confusion or lack of clarity we can be more present, aware and accepting of our situation and maintain a greater sense of peace within.

Notes for guidance are provided for students.

To receive the most value out of the course

I recommend that you practice daily for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Ideally this is best done at a similar time and place to assist you in setting up a routine.



Mindfulness Meditation, Natural Health Newcastle

What is meditation?

Basically meditation means to focus our attention on one thing at a time, in order to still the mind from its constant chatter. It is a discipline which trains the mind to focus. This then means that we learn to have some control over our minds and emotions, rather than our thoughts and emotions having control over us.

The nature of the mind is that it does not want to remain concentrating on one thing at a time. It is used to being able to wander wherever it pleases. Many thoughts may come and go throughout the meditation and it is important is to notice when the mind has wavered off, then, to merely gently bring it back to its point of focus. The art of meditation lies in this ability to bring the mind back to the point of focus, as soon as you notice when it wavers.

Benefits of Meditation

As with most things, the benefits of meditation increase with practice. This is why it is best done on a daily basis. Relaxation levels deepen and concentration improves, as does your ability to remain focused in the present moment. You will find that you cope better with everyday problems and stress will begin to diminish. You may experience better sleep, less pain, anxiety and fear and a greater sense of well-being. As you continue to meditate daily, you will notice more and more of its benefits. So enjoy!

An example of a meditation technique:


This meditation follows the flow of each breath.

Sit comfortably but erect. Close the eyes and breathe, focusing your attention on your abdominal muscles, noticing them expanding as you breathe in, and coming in as you breathe out. Notice each breath quietly in your mind. Breathe in saying to yourself ”now I am breathing in”, then breathe out saying to yourself “now I am breathing out”. Continue this with each breath. When/if you discover that your mind has wandered off into thought, simply note this and then gently return to “now I am breathing in” again.

Mindfulness Meditation, Natural Health Newcastle

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Do you struggle with chronic pain?

Would you love some way to support your own healing?

This special course on mindfulness meditation for healing and pain relief, offers clear guidance for personal healing and/or pain management.

The course guides the meditator through different mindfulness practices providing time proven tools for healing, easing physical or emotional pain or discomfort, to improve sleep, to improve general health and for living life with the richness of being present.

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