Flower Essences


Flower Essences

Flower essences are Vibrational remedies.

They are prepared in a special way using the flower portion of the plant plus sunlight and water.

When flower essences are ingested, our body responds to this stimulus at a cellular level and healing is initiated. That is, the remedies act as a catalyst to initiate a healing change. As further flower essences are prescribed, healing continues until balance is restored and good health is obtained.

Flower essences can powerfully assist in resolving emotional crises and negative states, while at the same time gently nudging us to find the healing and strength within ourselves to resolve any issues.

When overwhelming feelings or negative states persist, physical or mental symptoms may develop, such as pain, tiredness, migraines or depression. By subtly treating emotions and the body at a cellular level, flower essences are actually addressing the true underlying causes of the symptoms.

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