Homeopathy is a totally safe, non-toxic system of natural medicine which stimulates the body’s own defence and immune system so that health is restored.

This natural medicine treats the underlying causes of illness. It has a wholistic approach, taking into account the individual differences of each person together with all the symptoms they may present with. Remarkable improvements have been recorded with this treatment in common acute illnesses, a large range of chronic diseases, as well as behavioural and emotional problems.

Homoeopathic remedies are vibrational. They are prepared following strict Pharmacopoeia guidelines where they are diluted and succussed. This process increases their vibrational energy thus making them more easily taken up by the body at a cellular level, initiating healing.

Homoeopathy has proven to be excellent in treating ongoing post viral symptoms.

As the person continues Homoeopathic treatments, healing continues at a deeper and deeper level until balance is restored and good health is obtained.

Homoeopathic medicines can safely be used for everyone including babies, pregnant women, seniors, family pets and farm animals.

Whether you wish to address long term chronic health problems, or acute problems such as fever, recurrent sore throats, cystitis or ear infections, for instance, then you will find that homoeopathy can be very healing. Homoeopathy is also excellent for first aid situations such as bruises, muscle spasms, digestive upsets and insect bites and stings.

Symptoms caused by stress and tension such as sleeplessness, headaches and outbreaks of skin problems may be assisted by homoeopathy.

A Homoeopathic Preventative Program is now available for your children. This assists in keeping them safe and protected. You can start them on it at any time, from as early as one month of age.

Homeopathic First Aid kits are now available. They are tailor made to you and your family’s needs. Home remedy kits and travel kits are very popular.

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